Email from a client today: The programmers just need to add an "if/then" code that IF ... BUT NOT ... THEN ... ONLY ... AND ...

God help us if they discover while

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    At least they make easier tasks under such constraints. They had to severly simplify and more precisely specified. Sounds good to me.
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    @p100sch Haha, to the client/user it seems that simple. However, it is not just an "if/then".
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    When they know "while" it will be like:
    while this thingy is acceptable then please do this,
    however; while that thingy is not acceptable, lets do that. Last but not least, while there is no thingy, just abort. You see its as simple as it can get, please implement our approach.
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    @gitpush sure we will. No problem
    A day later:

    Dev: it does not work? But we did exactly what you said.
    Customer: yes but it should work
    Dev: and you shouldnt make assumptions of how things work.
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    @Codex404 Client: I think we should have stayed with "if then eles" can you please change that?
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