Interviewing for an internship with Microsoft In a couple weeks. Sh****** my pants every day or so, been reading Cracking the Code Interview but still scared... Any recommendations?

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    Stay scared
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    Better spend every second till then studying. Practice writing code on a white board
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    I'm studying this book inside out, understanding the concepts. But I still feel the questions are just so vague... @jw56578
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    Ya fuck ms, atom is looking for interns and checkout hackers news yesterday there was a thread abt jobs
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    Congrats! Also try programming interviews exposed and elements of programming interviews. Do programming competitions if u can. Theres practice questions on ACM online and hackerrank is good too!
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    Congratulations, you'll do fine, or, you'll learn lots from it :)

    Don't sweat it about the coding interview. Just make sure you explain how you think. You don't need to be accurate, just show the important steps for moving towards goal.

    (It's not the solution you are checked for its the process for getting towards a solution - doesn't have to be correct as long as you can reason about your solution and if it would solve the problem).

    I rather think you should ponder on these questions:

    Why would YOU like to work for this company?
    What do YOU hope to learn while being there?
    What do you think YOU can contribute with and why?
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    If you have to work out any figures or calculations, just remember 10 comes after 8, there's no more 9's in their world
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    New Pants? ^_^
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    Know your tree search algos!!
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