My windows defender has gone out of the window.
Now whenever i open windows security app, it shows a blank page.
There's is no tray process running and I can't find any service too.
I know it's a huge virus attack.
Can anyone suggest some methods to know what is causing this problem?

This has happened once before. That time i used DISM and checked windows files integrity. It replaced corrupted ones and then windows worked fine.

This time i want to know the cause.
I wanna root it out and rip it apart.

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    Dunno, haven't seen a virus in a decade
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    I have been sober for around 4 years and there it is now.
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    This rant screams for a "move to *your favourite gnu/linux distro*" comment.
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    move to TempleOS
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    in my experience stuff like this is usually too complex to fix. Best thing to do is to rest your OS to Factory - do a fresh install. This might seem like a bit of a bummer if you've got lots of stuff on your machine but it's probably quicker in the long run.

    My old windows dev box went down and it took me a week to reset, reinstall and get everything up and running. It literally cost me a weeks work, but it was still less time than it would have taken me to diagnose, isolate and repair the fault.
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    Settings, search for "reset windows". Windows will reinstall is complements and should leave your files and settings there if you're lucky. Take a backup first of course.
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    An alternative to reseting, there is a restore from a known working state, if you have that feature enabled.

    I agree fixing it is not the way ti go, you don't know what else is broken, the registry might be a tampered too, the virus might reinstall on its own after you fix things, it is just not worth it.
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    This actually happened to me - the cause was BitDefender crapping out because I had gone on a "block m$ telemetry" spree and it all went downhill after the first big update.
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    @electrineer I've got games so i can't ....
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    @fahad3267 Have you heard of our lord and savior WINE/Proton? Heck I can even play fucking GTA V with it.
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    Never knew it could play huge games
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    @kescherRant can you play online too? For a while it woked for me thanks to Steam Proton compatibility until one of the updates came out and broke pretty much everything.
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    @theKarlisK I can play online. And also: Stable framerates.
    Might need some launch parameters in launch options to disable some shit on some systems, but that's on protondb
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    @kescherRant that's great to hear. Now that I think about it, I did put a lot of custom configs, so much that I even had them all in a single file that was called on launch. It still broke for no reason at one point tho - just stopped working... SinglePlayer was fine, Online would load and kick me off with a force close and Social Club alert that the game has foribly been closed.
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    @theKarlisK Yeah, you need to set just one of proton's environment variable for online to work.
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