Google, why in the fucks of worlds would that mean "mark as unread"?

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    Because it's a closed thing. Mark as read is an open thing.
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    closed envelope = not read yet.

    What are you fuckening complaining about?
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    @kescherRant @Coffe2Code Beach cause it might as well mean send, but write new or whatever. There is nothing about that icon that says specifically "mark as unread". There isn't even an option to do it from the overflow menu.
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    Google are always up their own arse when it comes to being subtle with their icons.
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    I would have thought that meant reply. What does the one on the left do, some kind of a download?
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    @electrineer archive, delete, mark as unread
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    Fuck it replace all the buttons with emojies and be done with it.
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    o k, what is your solution then?
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    @jesustricks I don't think there is an icon that would convey that to me, so it should be in text form in a long press menu. I know such menu doesn't exist in gmail and that's an issue by itself.
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