I taught myself programming in 1999, spent two months writing simple ad tracking script in php

I still earn about 1500/ month from it.

Those were the good old days

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    Nice, but how's this even a thing? πŸ€”
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    @myss I read your comment like five times. I consulted the docs and read the faq.

    Still not sure what you mean...
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    @rant1ng Sarcasm or you serious? xD
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    Okay, I'll try to rephrase it with a hope that you're not trolling.

    How can you monetize simple PHP ad tracking script in 2019 to earn you 1500 per month given there are a tons of better solutions out there nowadays? Some oldschool client, shady business, golden fishy or something else with concept you're not willing to share here?
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    @myss wouldn't you like to know.

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    I'm more interested in technical side of how can you earn money on something that's been reinvented n times in last 20 years.

    Which tells me you're either doing some shady business and/or ripping some poor guy who doesn't know any better. Both of which are not nice, but I don't really care so much to continue this thread.
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    Did you create a product in 1999?

    Bc back then you could take a dump and make money from it.

    Not only that, bc you were likely the first person to take said dump, it's still popular today with minimal upkeep.

    At its peak it made $1000 a day. You can not believe me. If you want.
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    @rant1ng what is the name, and where is the project website ...
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    You can just share it, because Ike you said you made it 20 years ago and we can do no harm 20 years later.
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    @shakur kind of don't want to give that up. You can think I'm full of shit if you want. It will be revealed in a book I'm writing about how to make money on solo projects and side gigs.
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    @rant1ng nice idea, i fully understand you, i thought you are selling it over the net ... see ya
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    Let me guess. You also use arch?
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    I don't see why some people have such a hard time believing this, or think it's somehow unethical?!

    Companies pay some serious cash for some truly obsolete code, just because it's "always worked". It's not on you to tell them they could dump your code and use something better. Heck, companies often pay some serious cash for completely crap *new* code too, but that's a different story.
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    Don’t let the haters stare into your eyes/rants brother. If you gave away your secret to passive income then we’d all be making money of something you worked your ass off to create and I fully understand your reason behind not sharing it.

    I trust you.

    I believe you.

    I believe in you.

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