Response time of different people on Whatsapp:

Best Friend: 5-10 sec
Friend: 1-2 min
Best Friend(Girl): 3-5 min
Girl Friend: 1-2 day 😢
Client(when me solving bug): 0.00005 sec

Client(when me asking payment): *Blocked*


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    Some Weirdo Friend:
    can I
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    If you use Whatsapp to ask for payments, that's where you're going wrong. Send an invoice with a due date, and then follow up with a reminder that you have lawyers available if that date passes ;)
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    I'm not sure if that girl friend of yours really is a girl friend, if she has that type of response timeout whereas your best friend who is also a girl has a response timeout of 3-5 minutes.

    I'm not saying that she should get addicted to her phone, but set you higher in her priority list.
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    The Saddest part is the GF one...
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    Someone I know, solved his debt collection issues by hiring the services of a heavy, as such clients always paid, even if some of them got a broken arm/leg before they did !
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    Perhaps clients should be paying something up front..
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    WhatsApp is not suited for professional communications! In fact, many businesses do not even allow it on their phones due to data protection reasons.
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    @Nanos Damn, that's... not a tactic I'd like to employ.
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    Unpaid debt can be a real killer to a business, it's either you or them..

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    I feel your pain. :-(
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    Build an android..

    Will have to be DIY as I'm sure buying one will become illegal !
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