I've almost had enough of Atlassian. So, our customers want us to integrate Jira / Confluence support into our software.

I initially thought it would be a great addition to the other providers we support, so I explored it further.

After trying Confluence – and already knowing first-hand how horrendous Jira is from a previous role – I left in absolute disgust at not only how horrendously slow, buggy and overengineered Confluence is (just like Jira), but how horrendously FUCKING SHIT their developer / API documentation is. I suspended the project at this point. No fucking way was I allowing time to be sucked away because another company can't get their shit together.

Customers kept asking for integration support, so I authorized the team to revisit Jira integration support a few weeks ago. Nothing has changed. Documentation is as shit as before, software as slow as before and the platform as overengineered as before. No surprises.

Here's the problem:

1. You can't set multiple auth callback URLs so you can actually test your implementation.

2. You can't revoke access tokens programmatically. Yes, really.

3. You need to submit a ticket to get your integration approved for use by others, because automating this process is clearly fucking impossible. And then they ask questions you've already answered before. They don't review your app or your integration beyond the information you provided in the ticket.

4. Navigating the Atlassian developer documentation is like trying to navigate through a never-ending fucking minefield. Go on, try it: https://developer.atlassian.com/clo.... Don't get too lost.

I was so very FUCKING CLOSE to terminating this integration project permanently.

Atlassian, your software is an absolute fucking joke. I have no idea why our customers use your platform. It's clearly a sign of decades of lazy and incompetent engineering at work, trying to do too much and losing yourself in the process.

You can't even get the fundamental shit right. It's not hard to write clean, maintainable code and simple, clear and concise API documentation.

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    I started using Jira last week and so far I like it better than any alternative Ive seen so far. What is wrong with it (non api wise)
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