Everyone given the iPhone a hard time over no headphone jack, while Samsungs are exploding.

Decision time:
- living with an adapter
- living with chargrilled testicles


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    I'm pretty sure the statistics might be an influence.
    0.x% of Samsung phones explode.
    100% of new iPhones have no audio jack.
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    You say that as if there weren't any other options
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    @dovipas Exactly, you could always get a Nokia that has the amazing Windows Phone 😂
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    You know that android phones != Samsung right?
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    @OnyxDarkKnight in 2015 there were 18000 different android devices, now will be more. Probably like 10 of those won't blow up when charging, you know. I hope mine does not 😧
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    @dovipas I am not dissing Android :P I have a Samsung Galaxy A5 and I love it :) I also have a Nokia and can say WP 8.1 is not that good and lacks apps. So I was dissing WP more than anything :3
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    @OnyxDarkKnight gotta agree on that. WP could've been a nice OS but the lack of apps... Anyway I've been through all of them three and I would not change my nexus right now 😁
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    I guess the ranting is based on the CHOICE to do so:

    Apple actively chose to built the iPhone without the jack, Samsung had problems in production (and tries to reduce damage by changing the broken phones as food as they can)
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    Why does everyone keep arguing apple vs Samsung?! It's apple vs Android, which opens up so many new possibilities! Lg, Huawei, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and many more! You have a wide range of options, so just pick what you like!
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    Living with chargrilled testicles and a microSD card slot. I can't use a phone that doesn't have one and very few phones have them now. And even the phones that do have them are self destructing.
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    I really like my Nexus 6P
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    Oneplus devices for me!
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    Yeah like other's before, as now for the jack (moto Z and the last honor for example).
    But who cared the lack of floppy disks back then?
    Maybe it will be finally bothering anyone in the future but right now, it's not the best move to make me change my phone. I'm not fond of wireless headphones, and I'm afraid that the lightning /USB-C port is (via some jack adapter) quite risky to use in my pockets...
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    And I'm reading all this from Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with headphones plugged in and smiling :)

    Nobody says you have to get the newest iteration. :)
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