I am here on devRant now for a while. Althought, reading amy of your stories and taking care of websites is not what I usualy tend to do, I started doing it as a favour for a friend of a friend.
Baaad bad decission :-(

"pls, dis is urgnt! uplood dis pics asap on page"
*mail notification*
*face palm 1* because who sends pictures by mail these days ... I like my 50MiB Inbox, dont spam it with garbage!
*opening mail - lists attachments: 1 file, ~900KiB* ok whats happening now?
*facepalm 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9* (10 if there still would be a face to palm on)

the person seriously send me the pictures in an attachment, within a pdf document that was created with MS Word.
No - Just NO!

I should have known better ... sooo much better :(

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    Wow, this is a whole new level.
    I usually get my screenshots in a Word file.
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    Never be ashamed to say:
    "Listen, i know I said I will volunteer to do this for free but its too time consuming and I have a lot of things going on. I have to make money. I guess I wont be available to finish this for you. I'm sorry and I hope you understand."
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    You have problems with .norm.pdf files?
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    I am really gonna write it down and put it somewhere for the next emergency!! Thanks :)
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    No. Infact, I really believe that PDF is as great way to deal with documents, forms, text ... But only if used in the right way and situation.

    This is the wrong way AND situation.
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