Customer: “How many concurrent users can use this app?”
Me: “web tech is stateless. (Insert explanation) So concurrency is meaningless.”
Customer: “yeah but how many concurrent users?”
Me: “infinite as long as they aren’t interacting with the server.”
Customer: “but how many?”
Me: “400”

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    "400 Bad Request?"
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    I'd say 9 billion
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    @alexbrooklyn It was my number for minimum POST requests to the API with database interactions per second on a single container instance. (Test system ran out of threads before finding maximum).I like your status code explanation more.
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    One ... Million.... Troops....

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    @irene Customer. This is a customer. That makes it even harder because you can’t tell them they are an idiot and they sign your pay cheque.
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    Depends on the memory and cpu on the backend. The answer is not infinite regardless of the server being stateless.

    It has to do with memory, cpu utilization and design architecture
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    @bioDan True. It is hosted in containers and scales up etc. I think the limits are most likely the amount of database engines that can access the storage simultaneously. Ms SQL really doesn’t like sharing space with other instances of itself. (Customer DB requirement) I doubt the limit is on the number of simultaneous connections though. Even during load testing the load testing machines maxed out their resources before ever figuring it out. I need a botnet to figure it out.

    How many users is basically an unanswerable question.
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    @enigmamachine Ahh MS SQL he will buy a 400 client license...
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    @hjk101 Oh kill me now. I think you might be right.
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