How do you guys deal with being depressed?
I try to cry myself to sleep.

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    I deal with it by getting the help I need. Any reason you may come up with against it is actually invalid
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    @rutee07 listen to what this gentleman said

    And also do street workouts so ur semen can be strong af when u get down to fck a bigch

    Also when u fck a bitch that shit heals all ur depression but that is actually a TRAP


    Listen to me right here rn very carefully:

    Here is the fcking trick:

    1) Depression is actually a gift.

    2) Everyone who received depression have actually received a blessing.

    3) Depression is like an abstract class in programming, you will not understand why do you need it right now but later in the future you will understand how powerful it was.

    4)* Only after you accomplish something at least borderline big (100k$+), ONLY THEN go and get a bitch to get ur dick sucked, only a bitch can suck all the depression out of you, but to get to the level of having a bitch you first have to achieve something great in your life because that will develop the charisma that you need in order to get the bitch that will heal your depression.

    I was in depression for 9 years.
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    @rutee07 /s?
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    @irene as someone who's been in very dark places, probably not the best time for a joke like that. Funny nevertheless.
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    Pills. Works like a charm. Just get those that suit you. Ask your doctor for help. Shrink, preferably.
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    I worked out that alcohol triggers my depression. Now i only have excessive alcohol on a friday. then nothing for the week. I am usually OK by monday. When I am depressed though I just sleep until i feel better, that can be a day and night.
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    Shooting AI.

    Talking with others can help.

    Do you know what makes you depressed ?

    If so, can we help fix the problem(s) for you ?
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    Speaking of depression and sleepless nights, I already have one...
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    @mt3o Disagree. Most antidepressants are barely proven to work, and have very nasty side effects. They alter your emotional state, but not always in a good way. Not saying they are a bad choice for everyone... but in my opinion, there are better options.

    1. Therapy. And no, "I tried that already" shouldn't keep you from trying. Really, there are good and bad therapists, and a personal click is vital. The first one will not always work for you.

    2. Keep. Doing. Novel. Things. I can't speak on everyone's causes of depression, but for me it was caused by becoming stagnant in ambition after too much loss. Normally, your brain kicks your butt by feeling bored, annoyed, guilty. A rush of trauma, shit stalls, and you might stop having healthy triggers... so you need to reignite shit by rapidly diving into new patterns. Try movie editing. Go do yoga with a bunch of grandmas. Learn to paint fruit. Join a beer brewing club. It will feel fake. It will not work... until suddenly, it does.
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    And really, part of the answer lies in a healthy social life, a healthy household and a healthy body.

    Maybe this doesn't apply to you.

    But I absolutely HATED to hear that. I was kinda fat, lonely and had stacks of dirty pizza boxes hoarded up in my room.

    So say yes to a random party, and your mind will feel a bit warmer. Clean out your house and your mind will feel a bit cleaner. Go for a run, and your mind will feel a bit lighter.

    It might be tough to accept, but shoving shit into garbage bags is really therapeutic.
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    @SukMikeHok never thought of depression like that usually everyone thinks of it as problem, interesting perspective.
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    @NoMad i think i have under control now.😅 Hopefully. Thanks for your suggestions 😁
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    @bittersweet i already did that, 😅.
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    Play video games
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    While your are at it, check for any vitamin deficiency as well. Sometimes the imbalance also can cause depression.
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    @randomnumber i honestly didn't remembered about that, we'll remember next time for sure, Thanks bro
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    I try to learn Lisp, after 2 hours you'll realize depression is merely a hand of dust comparing to learning Lisp
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    @rutee07 you sound like a serial rapist
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    @bittersweet regarding 1, good antidepressants work for depression. For clinical depression, not for mood swings.
    I read enough studies involving antidepressants administeder for few weeks when actually after few weeks you can barely start feeling their effect. Not short term drug induced high, but the real therapeutic effect from the meds.
    And regarding side effects, i'd rather have side effects from pills than from cutting my veins. Luckily, I'm done with that.
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    > there are good and bad therapists,

    I had a lot of bad ones, until I hit a good one.

    They was great !

    The difference..

    Well, the good one gave me answers.

    The bad ones, said I had to figure out the answers myself..

    If I knew the bloody answer I wouldn't need a therapist !

    Nowadays, its much easier to find the answers online, though it can take a while..

    Actually, I think it was easier when you just had a therapist to ask, as it was only an hour out of your life a week (well, 50 minutes really..) and you didn't have to spend hours searching online to find those little titbits of truth hidden away..

    A few years ago the truth was out in the open, now it is getting hidden again..

    I just want to know how the world works, what are the rules, and how do you play the game..
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    @mt3o I think it's disingenuous to call "clinical depression" a separate thing.

    Mental health diagnoses are rarely an exact "you have this condition", more a "your situation looks like things we see in others and can vaguely group into categories".

    If you've been to a therapist and psychiatrist, and the conclusion is that it's dangerous to not try medication, by all means.

    I've used several ssris and several less conventional medications from age 20-25... And every time it made things worse. Much worse.

    My depression was "caused" by trauma and abandonment (orphaned at 12, living on my own at 15). I was desensitized/numb to all emotions pretty much all of the time, everything felt pointless, like a big void. Then there were small moments where emotions rushed in, from fear and panic to anger and anguish.

    Maybe that's called "mood swings" and not being depressed. I was diagnosed with depression, but meh, psych diagnoses are not really based on exact science.

    All I'm saying is, unless a psychiatrist really urges you that meds are essential, I think 99% of people should look at conversational and/or occupational therapy first.
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    My experience being around mentally ill folk, is that 95% just live shit lives.

    Medication, like alcohol, drugs, or food, can help, but isn't really recommended.

    But then, actually changing peoples shit lives for the better, that is much harder than most folk imagine. !

    I think a lot of staff who work in that field come to realise, it isn't easy to fix peoples lives.

    Page 1 of 2.
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    Page 2 of 2.

    I'm reminded of an old friend of mine, who by chance when I was googling them, I noticed they was under an assumed name, talking about how they was abused repeatedly by a relative as a kid.

    I never knew, or even suspected.

    But I guess that explained why they tried to commit suicide, and ended up in hospital.

    I did meet said relative once. (They are dead now from old age.)
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    @Deepesh i also thought it was a problem but depression forced me to improve myself so high that i wouldn't be here where i am today without it.

    Basically depression can either kill you or make you a superhuman but the process of becoming a superhuman will take years.
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    @Nanos Depression in my opinion rarely "just happens".

    You can take a lot of shit, and it feels horrible. It's good to feel horrible or sad or bored or guilty, that's evolutionary traits which tell your brain: "Get your shit together".

    But if you are exposed to trauma, or ignore your burdens for too long, your mind goes: "Well fuck it, I'm really poking him hard with all these signals, but it's not working".

    You go numb, there's no sadness, nor joy. You still feel that sting under the surface, there's something not quite right — but overall being depressed is a layer of protection, it's better than experiencing the raw emotions at full force.

    So in my experience the best way out is to "go through the motions". It will feel pointless and silly, there will be doubt.

    But the cure lies in rationally analyzing what your emotions can't tell you anymore.

    I felt abandonment, severe distrust to people. The cure was really to go with people to nightclubs, to join cooking courses and painting workshops.

    I felt unworthy, nomadic, homeless. The cure was really to start working on my own home, thrashing a lot of possessions, repairing shit, painting walls.

    Of course I felt fucking awkward and antisocial at parties, I felt out of place. I restarted reconstruction on my house six times over. Of course it's not some miracle cure that works in three weeks.

    But it's vital to try an interpret what your brain was trying to tell you right before it went into depression-lockdown.
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    @SukMikeHok i hope that i can become a super human one day.
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    Also listening to Jordan Peterson lectures might be a good idea. If you are not into watching lectures yet. You can start with listening to Akira The Don meaningwaves featuring Peterson.
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    Thanks for the insights.

    I just think it's important to not jump on the medication wagon too quickly, especially if you slipped into a depression without having any obsessive or suicidal thoughts.

    But I fully agree, there are certainly situations where it's necessary to get back into a more peaceful space.
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    By visiting a psychologyst once a week. Depression is no joke, pal.
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    @Kyngo it is no joke.

    Side effects of antidepressants are not fatal.

    Side effects of therapy are not fatal.

    Side effect of untreated depression is suicide, which is fatal.

    @Deepesh seek help. Really and change some stuff along the way.

    I'm taking lithium, antidepressants, listening to meaningwaves and watching Jordan Peterson lectures, going to the gym, working hard on many projects, I'm being useful wherever I happen to be.

    A year ago I was taken to the psych guard, because I told a cousin that I was afraid that I might be about to commit suicide.

    Now, I'm thrilled to be alive, every day. I really am.

    Since that day.

    I biked 100k in one day.
    Climbed the tallest Hill in my country.
    Organized and cooked barbecues for 50+ people several times.
    Got a new job.
    Moved by myself.
    Got rid of a toxic relationship.
    Made a lot of friends.
    Won a hackathon.
    Got rid of toxic friends.
    Got 3 friends off very dark places.

    I feel as a force of nature. Because that's what we humans are.
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    @bittersweet 2nd point is very good. 1st one not so much.

    I'd rather have the side effects of pills than, being cold dead rotting 6 feet underground because I killed myself.
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    @serverconnected bad advice. Video games are like masturbation, those are virtual experiences that do not challenge you in any <i>meaningful</i> way.
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    @galileopy Wait, you're badtalking both masturbation and games... What kind of pleasure-hating conservative are you?

    If you do nothing but fap and game all day you have a problem, but a balanced hedonistic lifestyle can really offer a lot of happiness.
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    @bittersweet I'm not bad talking. I just don't think that an hedonistic lifestyle can do anything to cure depression.

    I do engage in video games, meaningless sex, drinking, masturbation.

    But what cured my depression was engaging in meaningful activities.
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    @galileopy some people find satisfaction in achieving the goals, some in having the goals achieved. In in the first group and that sense of completion makes me feel no sense of purpose therefore bringing the lower mood.
    You mentioned "meaningless sex", if you name "meaningless" as occasionally met random people and have sex with, it qualifies in the "achieving goals" not in "achieved" and can bring sense of meaning. People are different.
    Everone who enjoy making projects but can't build up a portfolio and have imposter syndrome can relate.
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    @mt3o maybe. Maybe not. The sense of purpose we develop is something evolved in our brains.

    The neurochemistry of the process is something I can't really talk about because I'm a complete ignorant.

    But if I remember correctly there are two main "pleasure" systems in our brains.

    One being dopamine based, strong, easy to please and with a very short duration in the satisfaction it produces.

    The other is the serotonin system, which is what brings you that sense of purpose while you are actively moving towards a goal. This one being more durable and reliable.

    Learning to do things that activate more of the latter system is one of the keys towards a meaningful life.

    And I feel pretty sure about it being a correct assumption.
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    @galileopy i'd love to elaborate but it's hard due to broken arm. It's thing is more complicated than that. Pure reward/happiness is related to endorphin, its activated by opiated (like heroin). Dopamine is what makes you do stuff, but also stop doing stuff. Amphetamine boosts dopamine, imagine someone high on amphetamine, this is the kind of thing, but in the other hand, when you have adhd (i do) meds work similar to amphetamine and contrary to what common sense suggests, you can focus on single thing that's important. Or you can control yourself when being talked at by a teacher or manager.
    Serotonin when boosted by meds gives you some kind of confidence and calm, that kind of nice feeling when you wake up in comfort, in bed and can lie for hour being lazy. However too much serotonin (or dopamine) and you start hallucinating.
    There are tons of receptors in the brain, you covered 2, I added opioid, but there are more, like oxytocin... It's way more complicated than what you wrote.
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    @galileopy regarding moving towards the goal, you said serotonin, i'd disagree. When you have adhd, you need to use prefrontal cortex powered by dopamine to focus on goals (adhd meds do that) to put away distractions and reach your goal, this is dopamine again. But then, once the goal is achieved, dopamine lowers, so as the mood. At least that's what happens with me.
    You really should ask specialist on that stuff. Psychiatrist will be able to explain in more details or refer you to the books. Random guy in the internet is not a reliable source.
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    @NoMad of course, do it over and over and end up alone with only drug addicts or in psych ward ;/
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    @NoMad with the abundance of shortcuts and acronyms and emoji, you can't be sure everyone gets everything on first glympse... My bad
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    @NoMad blame incoming notifications ;p
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