Turn on WiFi on my smartphone in the morning.
Evening: realize that the WiFi had not connected automatically and I used all my mobile internet.

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    This is why I love having unlimited data :D
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    Grandfathered into an unlimited data plan. They will have to kill me to take it away.
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    Fuck it. Set a cap on your usage on your phone.
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    I have 5GB of data left to use in the next 3 day. I just use my LTE connection instead of my wife because it's way more faster than my 10mb/s at home.
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    @ChocoMousse Wives come with Internet connection now?! /s
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    @adbo Sure they do! You need to insert your dongle.
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    @ChocoMousse Pretty sure theres a joke about front or back ports here. But I am far too much of a gentleman.

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