Saw an add on my fb feed:
"We will make you a programmer in 6 weeks" - course in programming.

6 f*king weeks! I've been studying 5 years, wrote down butt loads of code, debugged billions of bugs, read hundreds pages of documentation and I wouldn't call my self a full developed programmer.

But hey, those fu*kers will make you a programmer in 6 weeks!

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    They might make you a programmer in 6 weeks. But they wont make you a Software Engineer.
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    @HarambeJS coder at best (and a bad one), but not programmer.
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    Those six weeks will only teach the basics of some language but it will absolutely not make you into a full blown full stack software engineer. Programming is not that difficult but engineering it is.
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    Problem is: The more you know the more you realize how much you still lack.
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    a) They have some secrets which are unbeknownst to the masses... or b) They clearly have a fucked up view of what a programmer is... or c) They wanna jank the teets of moronic individuals like a lot of companys are doing.
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    It is a course about self motivation and confidence, with a tiny bit of a language coding. So at the end of it you have the courage to call yourself anything you want.
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    @perunac haha perfect!
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    Hey, that was personal ad! Maybe to be a programmer You just need to add 6 weeks to your 5 years :D
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    I'm guessing the ad had the phrases "with this one weird trick" or "computer science professors hate this"...
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    @domminow haha... Good one!!
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    Software engineers will hate this. :)
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    Maybe you should try the course 😈
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    "We'll show you how to become a 'coder' who copypastas HTML and CSS like Frankenstein from around the internet in 6 weeks"
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    A few friends just went through short boot camps like that and got jobs right away. It's not the same a actually learning and busting your ass for 6 years, but apparently there is actually a huge demand for people
    With entry level rails and angular experience. Seems crazy to me. But those companies are making bucks and I may take night job teaching at one.
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