So I found some weird library included in this legacy code, didn't really get what it does and why it's there though.

Turns out there's nothing to be found on the internet about it. Absolutely nothing.

So after browsing through the directory structure a bit more I discover a README file. Hoping for answers I opened it, only to find this...

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    I can just imagine some dev of the past creating this readme doc "I'll explain all of it in detail so others are less confused"....*laughter* "naw, let them suffer at the hands of my genius"
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    update: found a repo online that had just 1 commit: the state of the code that's currently in the project...

    no information about the user, no other repos..
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    I'll just let it sit there for now, maybe I'll worry about it later..

    (also, this is probably the same thing the last few devs before me did as well)
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