Hello All, Could you give advise please? I choosing a database for my new Joomla site. Is it better to use PostgreSQL than MySQL for my site? As I could understand PostgreSQL is more stable and safe database And the speed of PostgreSQL comparable with MySQL.

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    Use csv files stored as txt
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    I've heard good things about PostgreSQL as well, but I'm still not entirely sure
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    I don't think it's going to matter either way.
    You're bottle neck is going to be Joomla processing your request to and from the DB unless you optimise your queries and data handling.

    MySQL is still pretty performant (standalone) at 1 million+ records with a couple of joins, granted it takes a few seconds, but it still gets there.
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    Does it even matter? You won't be managing this database anyway, since your CMS will set everything up, except for installing and maybe creating user/empty database.
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    Just use Postgres and be done with it. It really doesn't matter either way and PostgreSQL is pretty damn good
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    You will have less errors to work around with psql(utf8mb4 i look at you)
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    It's better, though mysql is likely more than sufficient. But why not use the better tool? Besides, Oracle is icky and should be avoided whenever possible.
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    PostgreSQL handles transactions better. The only way to do it in MySQL is with InnoDB, but PostgreSQL does it better and it's more native. Much more query features of SQL than MySQL. Detailed info: https://hackr.io/blog/...
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    @rohanjoshi0894 InnoDB is the default though
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