Anyone else get quite burnt out even after, like, 4 hours of programming? I usually feel like a zombie and can't think properly. Will this eventually stop happening?

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    This happened a lot when I first started and honestly still happens now after a whole day of intense problem solving.

    Make sure you drink plenty of water and have regular breaks. I used to go hard on the caffeine to concentrate but after a while I found all it did was make me feel worse!
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    Psst ! You are getting old
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    I very rarely code for more than an hour straight, breaks are useful
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    following for tips and tricks
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    It's the headphones doing that. Try without them.
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    Get to know you limits.
    If you can go 3-4 hours straight, cool.
    If not, no biggey, just take a break / walk or what ever and come back.

    My day generally goes something like:

    8am - start
    10am - coffee break
    10:15pm - start again
    12pm - lunch
    1pm - start again
    3pm - coffee break
    3:15pm - start again
    4pm - go home

    Can be thrown off with meetings and production issues but a nice day would look something like that.

    The breaks aren't for the coffee, it's for the mental break so you can gather your thoughts and destress if needed, hell use them as a walk around the car park or around the block if your not into coffee.
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    @C0D4 Look at you with your 7 hour workday :D
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    @Ansis 🤫I'm only suppose to get 30 minutes for lunch "contractually" but it's never been a problem....
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    @C0D4 can you please come to my office when you get into work today, we need to have a talk about your "schedule"
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    @S-falken hi boss,
    Since you're already aware of my schedule, and the company has failed to do anything about it for the past 5 years, any changes to my schedule will also require a alteration to my pay check to accomodate any extra hours you wish to add 😏
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    Funny thing, I've been doing this 15+ years and yesterday applied a huge refactoring, unit testing and a lot of changes, was huge, feel proud of myself.

    Today I cannot think about anything, spent the day reading rants and memes, is like my brain got exhausted.
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    Just pop an adderall or speed, you'll voice for 2 days straight, literally.

    Of course, there is a price to pay for this lol
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    @C0D4 @Ansis there in lies the secret, coffee every 4 hours
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    @rant1ng yeah, usually 5-10€/g, depending on quality and availability
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    Exactly. Actually it's $3 he in Canada, in this one town. Half the totem dies it, its an epidemic.

    But most people use it to get high .. I actually need amphetamine as a medicine. Maybe not use speed as, like, the delivery vehicle ... I'm sure by now I've had a fair share of drano and brake fluid or whatever the fuck
    they put in it

    Rx adderall is better..... Just can't find any...

    know anyone that could help?
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    @rant1ng Rx Adderall? Never heard of that lol. Do you mean research chems? In any case: no, sorry ^^'

    I usually just get mine from the street or a friend

    And only 3 bucks? Jfc I need to move to Canada, legal weed and cheap uppers lmao
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    @C0D4 thanks for this, I had similar schedule to yours already, but introducing those coffee breaks (don't drink coffee so I just go for a walk) indeed helps a lot..
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