That moment when you get blamed by product/business for a slow feature...
A feature which the same product person demanded you implement two days before the deadline that the feature was supposed to be released at but you never got told about. You end up doing a miracle and the company avoids a lawsuit but you still get blamed for it being slow. Shouldn't have agreed on the ridiculous deadline and left them suffer from their own bad decisions and communication

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    You know what's even better?

    Integrate third party components (hardware) that are slow as hell (known and provable) and then get blamed for being slow. Clients demand faster performance in their requirements and sales just nod it through.

    Then optimize the hell out of it and increase the performance to cut transaction times by half, but it's still too slow.

    That's my life for about 8 years now. And there is no plan to update those third party devices, and no other vendor.
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