When developing outside of a Starbucks and a bird decides to shit right on the keyboard of your laptop 😑

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    The outdoors is overrated bro
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    @xroad yes last time I ever do that
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    That requires a pic
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    Developers, like trogledytes, should always remain in their caves. It's a dangerous world out there. Birds and stuff.
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    @shittywebdev Didn't get a pic unfortunately :/
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    @xroad but the textures are pretty good.
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    Check your code. It may not have liked it. :D
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    I tried the outside MMO for about 18 years. Gained some levels, xp. Graphics are good too. But my god the NPCs are the worst. Especially the ones who need you to make software for them in exchange for the in-game currency.

    Never again.
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    Allegedly a bird shitting on you brings good luck, how though I don't know. Pleased o don't have to clean your keyboard
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    It's fine, just avoid those keys. It'll make for interesting code :P
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    Shouldn't drink Starbucks anyways. PH levels on that stuff is off the charts
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    It must be a rare species of bird called projectus managerius birdus
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