Why the heck would you allow (or need) nested block comments? Imo this is a major design flaw in the kotlin linter.

I always use /*... //*/ so I can remove the comment starter w/o having to remove the comment end, but kotlin just starts a second, nested comment there.

Java, C, Cpp, C#, JS,... Not one of these uses nested block comments. I think jetbrains was just lazy?

I mean, I know why such stuff happens. I also developed DSLs in MPS, but there sure are ways to go around such things..

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    No, really, please tell my why I'd need nested block comments.
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    @Emphiliis it's a way hackers communicate. you're not 1337 enough to understand
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    @irene well, I only use them when debugging stuff. Otherwise I don't keep commented code at all.
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    Isn’t this the IDE/Text editor fault?
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    @devTea if I recall it correctly the compiler gave the same error. Each Nested block comment definitely needs to be closed..
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    @Emphiliis well, fuck kotlin then
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    Nested block comments are awesome because you can comment out a larger section that contains already commented out code. Just put a space between the line and the closing block comment because that's just how a lexer works
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