Dear Windows users: instead of upgrade to Windows 10, why don't you downgrade to Dos? It appears to have less issues.

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    Ascii porn!
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    @jw56578 sheeeiiittt 😃
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    Sad thing is: for me the "features" of Win10 are actually the things that really bother me.
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    Actually I find windows 10 better than any previous OS. I feel sad people getting paranoid due to telemetry. While every OS, search engine does that.

    It is unnecessary media news made people hate Windows 10. I admit Windows 10 has bugs but which OS doesn't have.
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    @jw56578 Someone pls make this a reality
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    I'm actually of the same opinion of @yako . I use Windows 10 Pro on both my machines and never had any issues, specially on the release builds (I'm an Insider since the program started). In fact, I replaced my aging MBP for a ThinkPad and I have less issues with W10 than I had with OS X 10.11.
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    @Aethiris Hahaha! Oh my sweet summer child, that is an easy google unsafe search away. People have been printing ASCII Porn pinups for decades
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