What UI lib are you React devs using for *desktop* sites and why?

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    I am not using it but I'm looking forward to use it. Because it has every component I need.
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    I deeply hate these premade components and styling which can not be edited and causes you, after three hours of trying to make it work, to make them yourself.
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    What is a desktop site?
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    @dmonkey I think he's talking about web applications usable only in desktop mode, not from mobile.

    My job in the last two months is basically this, I'm building two big web app for two delivery companies. Project based on Google maps, with drag&drop of markers from/to the map and many different tables on screen.

    There are also a lot of menus, settings, windows, etc... It's a like a full software inside a browser.

    That were the requests and the clients were specific: "we don't need a mobile friendly application, just a complete desktop web app".

    The most tragic part is that I hate doing frontend, I hate CSS, i hate JS, i hate web development.

    But a job is a job, nonetheless.
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    Using Ant design at workplace. It's worth checking out.
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