Recently every time I write some code I have the internal fear that this code sucks terribly and that I'm doing something wrong.

Is this some type of imposter syndrome?

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    It's positive as it will drive you to improve
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    Yes. It can go bigger, and don't have to be related just to coding.
    For example you may think that you will suck as teamleader, and at the same time that you are best person in the team to be the leader.
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    I feel like imposter syndrome is thrown around like OCD and depression are these days.

    I'd personally call it a natural fear of sucking at your job/hobby. I feel that way too a lot of the times, but I also feel that way towards pretty much anything I do that others will see.
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    Fun fact: what people think of OCD actually is mildly autistic behavior, part of the autistic spectrum disorder. And, unlike full blown OCD, people can live with it even undiagnosed.
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    I've learned to accept that I will always think my code is terrible (sometimes I will know that it is). I've also learned to accept that I get better every time I suck and sucking at something is always better for you than just doing more research on it.
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