Honestly so scared about starting work, I definitely know I'm not that great of a programmer despite doing alright in university :(

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    Nobody will expect from you to be the next 'super star' in programming.
    If you start your work career, everyone knows you are fresh from university. You will get better, once you get more experience.
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    Get flamed in code reviews but never take it personally, then you will improve quickly
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    Imposter syndrome is real, even 10-15 years into your career that feeling never goes away. Just stay strong and take on the challenge at hand.

    Just get in, and look back in a years time and go, wow look what I've achieved. This will surprise you and distract the syndrome later in life the more you can look back.
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    I know how u feel...but bruh u say in tags that u gonna die XD
    Its not funny situation but u make it hella FUNNY BOI lol
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    You're not alone, most people question if they are good enough, even deep into their careers (I include myself in that). A little humility will probably get you more support than if you come in fresh out of school acting like a know it all. Show some gratitude towards those mentoring you and they will be more likely to look out for you. Know that some senior people enjoy the power trip, so even if someone shits on your skills, it doesn't mean you suck. You got this! Good luck!
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    Between now and when you start work, study the subject, practice, code examples, then you will improve.

    Some are born great, but most just work every waking moment on it !
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    Don't be afraid, though it's a normal feeling. Usually you'll get the proper people to groom you for the tasks at hand. That's how we usually proceed at my workplace. We understand that new people need the proper framework to do their job correctly and grow accordingly. Just be yourself and if you don't know something just be upfront and say you don't. Everything can be learned :)
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    1. Be humble. Most of the advices will be useful for you. Do not focus on harsh language.
    2. Study the environment you will work in, such as ci/cd, version control, linux programming etc. Dont get burned out though, there is life out of work.
    3. Make some research before asking colleagues. Useful for both sides.
    4. Admit if you do not know sth. You just graduated, everyone knows it.
    5. When you learn/solve something, document it.
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    Thank you for your advice everyone! Sounds like not knowing shit at the start isn't too bad :)
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    @pandasama yeah not knowing a lot is s feature not a bug. Ability/willingness to learn are prime qualities.
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    @aviophile yeah makes sense, thank you
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