Today, i moved out from my parents house, perhaps the most adult thing I've done so far.

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    I'm proud of you :3
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    1 small step for man, 1 giant leap for @metamourge

    Welcome to the real world.
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    And now to suddenly find out the harsh cruel realities of all the bills you didn't even know where a thing :D
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    How does it feel? I honestly am scared to get to that point in my life. Although not completely but still.
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    And then when things go bad, you move back in again..

    Then you leave again..

    Then things go bad again and you move back..

    Repeat several times..

    Lessons learned:

    Stay with parents, save up money, build house.

    Don't take on any debts..

    Have your own transport, even if its a bicycle !

    Get strong and fit.

    Don't lend money to anyone !
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    Congrats, mate! Hope you have a good place to stay!
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