After 10 years of thinking of getting into gamedev, I just joined a team game jam and it's going somewhere.

4 months ago I wrote a rant about how difficult it was for me to get into gamedev.

I guess I finally started because:
a) I'm not doing this alone
b) Another person takes care of the art

Regarding "a", computing, programming can be a very lonely task. I realized how much I missed the college years where I was paired up with other people to do something

There's something magical about being in a team.
You may not be a fan of your mates personalities. You may even hate their guts.

But working on something together, when everyone does the thing they should do, when things just flow... it's just magical.

When that happens, "all the bullshit goes away"™, and it's just you and your team sharing the same hope.

As for "b", I think I realized that, at least for my way of thinking, art (even in an initial, rudimentary state) is what ends up creating a game.

While I always tried to do it the other way around, first the game, then the art.

Maybe now I could dabble into pixel art and then use that as the thing that would define the game.

I was also an emotional mess for most of my 20s (and still kinda am, but not that much), so I guess that made getting into gamedev hard too.

Now, here's the negative part: the guy that does the art (and also codes) sucks balls at communicating and at git.

He takes a shitload of time to respond, doesn't address the things I state are important, doesn't join the damn trello, sometimes gives me some sass on his comments.
And he accidentally overwrote my changes on git three times.

The good thing is that he acknowledges his fuckups and fixes them.

I'm not really mad though. I'm almost 30, he's 20 or so.

When I was 20 I was a goddamn mess.
And it's just a week, and the pleasure of working with someone is far greater.

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    Imagine sitting home and thinking if you should join gamedev for 10 years
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    @SukMikeHok shut the hell fuck mouth!

    btw, I did try numerous times, but it used to be very stressful... I wasn't in the best place either...
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    @erandria ok i just read ur rant and its good i agree

    im also in early 20s

    Been a massive emotional mess from 13-21, still healing but feeling much better

    U gotta understand that gamedev is the hardest type of programming in existence and to be good at any type of programming field u are not allowed to be a normal human being
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    The first thing you will learn is the tools dont matter

    The second thing you will learn is: tools matter.

    The third thing you will learn is the users don't care about the UI.

    The fourth thing you will learn is: they do.

    Welcome to hell. It's cold here.
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    Best of luck on your journey! We all tend to keep together here. It's cold in the hell of gamedev
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    @SukMikeHok you sound like a walking and talking meme. No particular offense but i wanted to leave that out there.

    Game dev isn't the hardest programming type there is, it's relatively different cause of the physics involved.

    Similar statements could be said about any simulator. Industrial or personal.

    Imo the hardest type of programming is the one that makes least sense to the one who made it to begin with. This happens a lot when writing code with c and opengl.. A step further would be prolly Fortran... I ain't sure. Assembly for each processor is definitely the hardest out there. Logic and algorithm is critical along with the instruction set.

    @erandria it's amazing experience developing a game, I'm 21 now and I've been thinking about it for 4 years. Finally getting around to it... I've completed a lot of stuff to do with linear algebra. Quaternions still confuse me though.
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