can you people take a moment and help me decide which Linux os is the best for the developer.

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    What kind of development?
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    Ubuntu is pretty stable and all the web dev tools work great on it.
    Use it for personal use.
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    @Demolishun I just want to use any Linux os that will help me understanding about command-line tools and android device tree in any way. actually, I am not sure
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    Go for Pop_Os! - it has a lot of bloat preinstalled, but u wont struggle downloading stuff like nvidia driver etc.
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    @Sajeel I would say start with something Ubuntu based then. It is pretty much a swiss army knife with lots of docs on how to use it.
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    Any mainstream distro will do.

    Less mainstream -- you'll spend more time fixing stuff rather than developing your projects.
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    Pick something based on Ubuntu.
    I'll probably get shit on for that, but it's the best choice for a beginner. Literally everything is available for it.

    Take a look at Linux Mint.
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    If you're starting out, just get any of the big names - Ubuntu, Mint, Manjaro etc. They're also most likely to offer the best support for hardware.

    And if you learn how to use Docker then the distro you're running becomes irrelevant (highly recommended btw).
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    linux mint is my choice
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    you should not choose distribution, you should consider that for some development you will need some latest versions of libraries, for some other development you will need compatibility for most other distributions and even hardware, so it depends
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    If you have to question which distro to use then the answer is always Debian.
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