Guess I'm working from home today?

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    Stay safe!!! Let us know if you need anything.
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    @Jumpshot44 will do we are all stocked up and locked inside hoping for the best.
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    Be safe! Stay in doors, don't die, keep us in the loop.
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    Stay safe! I have family in Sanford that has been in the dark for almost 7 hours.
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    Boss be like: "you coming in though right?"
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    Boss: hey we just experienced a fall of user activity (due to the storm probably), we need you in now.
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    ehh it's just rain
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    Made it though safe.
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    It's crazy how strong this storm is. I am in New York- 1,000 miles from Matthew, and yet my wife and I both have awful headaches and joint pain from the pressure from it.

    I'm not complaining- there are people lucky to just be alive- just crazy that we are getting the effects of it so far away.
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