Any ideas on how aviation related website shall look like? I've lost all of my ideas...
Blog-like website isn't the best idea since it won't be a blog.

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    Light blue! 😁
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    Oh, I've got it.

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    Depends on what the goal is?
    Do you need to design a website? What is your target audience? Is it for comercial aviation, historical aviation, business aviation, military aviation.

    you should start ask questions first on what it should be first. Then create some Content. The look and style comes last.
    I'm a designer i'm happy to give you tipps on how to do that.
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    @Jamcris11 maybe something less obv.
    @netikras pretty good idea, but what about red+white+black? that's webpage for luft '46 content after all....
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    @RootPixl Ok then,
    Planes disguised as Helicopters?
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    Here is a proven design concept process
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    @heyheni well, it's a website created to post and share blueprints and arts of the prototype aircraft made for Luftwaffe
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    @RootPixl so historical military it is.
    Who do you want to attract? neonazis or rich retired americans? 😆
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    @heyheni Hey, to be fair, the subject does seem quite interesting. But I'd expand it to prototype aircraft in general because just focusing on Luftwaffe aircraft might make the site too limited in content.

    (btw I don't fall into either of those categories before you say anything lol)
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    @Jamcris11 true. So if he wants some retired rich americans he should have a look at this page.
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    @heyheni none of those.
    Yeah, I also know that website, but, well
    the website I'm trying to redesign is luft46.com
    I've already made a logo, but I don't have any idea how the website shall look like...
    Logo is attached
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    @RootPixl what would be super neat would be the use of interactive animated 3D models with webgl or/and WebAssembly. In this style like mustard does https://youtu.be/v0Cg2ZeYa5E

    so it assembles from an explosion picture into flying and you can change the camera zoom and angle.
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    @heyheni pretty neat idea, but since I'm not into that, this idea sounds like an idea to make a collab, but hell yeah, thanks boi
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    @heyheni if you know anyone who's into, tell me about him/her
    also, wdyt about the logo?
    another thing, imagine going back to the frontend just for this and another one project, because everyday you work in the FP, data analysis and other shit
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    @RootPixl How about designing it to look like an old newspaper? Would mesh quite well with the subject too, give it a whole vintage vibe
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