Litteraly repairing my motherboard with hot glue right now.

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    What broke? 😁
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    @netikras bios battery holder or whatever it's called was never properly soldered on. So now after a few years of my bios settings not getting saved after a power loss I decided it was time to re solder and secure it properly.
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    um so your not a little worried that's going to come unglued once you run the machine for a while?

    I had a friend use hot glue to mod his gsx-r headlight with an hid bulb one time... didn't work out to well for him.
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    hot glue is not permanent glue
    fix it with some proper glue
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    I find wedging pieces of wood in works well !

    Also, if its just to hold something in place, Blutak works for decades.

    Cork is another good thing for wedges.
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    What is a recommended proper glue ?
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    @Nanos Strong adhesives might be the way to go for this here.
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    Nothing like fixing loose objects with hot sticky stuff....
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    Any specifics ?

    The other day I tried some double sided sticky tape used to hold airplanes together (Super expensive stuff like $100 USD a roll.) to fix a neighbours plumbing issue, but it didn't hold for very long against copper parts.

    As such, I'm always looking for recommendations.

    Ideally cheaper than, this duck staff like stuff we use on nuclear submarines is great, but its $100 a roll..
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    @Nanos There are glues with a high time of needing to be dried (like 24h) until they are fully sticking everything together, and those usually last really well.

    As for copper, try some acrylic adhesive.
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    Just use concrete
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