I was working in a small startup with very cool people as a GameDev. One day I turned towards my colleague to tell him about a joke I just read and I saw flames coming out of his CPU. He was so focused on his work that he didn't notice.

I yelled "OH, SHIT' and quickly reached to the main switch and turned it off. Everyone turned towards me to yell at me, but then they saw the flames and everyone ran outside.
After few minutes the flames died. My colleague was in shock to lose his work as the HDD was completely burned.

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    He was still worrying about his lost work where in he could have lost his life!! That's dedication and concentration at a new level!
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    The projects must have been lit AF...
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    In case of fire
    git commit
    git push
    Leave building
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    It's a good thing your training allowed you to repsond in an appropriate way - "OH SHIT!" :)
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    @apex Oh my god.
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    That's what you get when you use AMD ;)
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    @singh /usr/bin/fire

    branch=ohshitfire-$(whoami | tr -d '\n') # everyone pushes to their own branch
    git branch $branch
    git checkout $branch
    git add -A
    git commit -m "building's on fire, sort it all out later"
    git push --set-remote origin $branch

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    @singh We were using SVN at that time and the server was near that burning CPU. 🙄
    That's a rant for another time.
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    @singh (git out)
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    Probably chose codeigniter as a base framework
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    git add .
    git commit
    git push {current_branch}:fire

    No need to fuckup the current branch
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