It had been too long that I had a nightmare that I wished I never had. I had one this early morning.

I was in a foreign metropolitan city with public transport trains, skyscrapers and everything. I had no phone, no cash, no card. I could have asked help from the people I see on the street but in the dream I missed that notion. I was fine for first few hours (dream time) walking along just by myself and gradually the panic mood sunk in. I was alone with no help right in the middle of broad day light among people at a busy city.

Now that I have written it down, it doesn't sound that scary at all. There was no ghost nor paranormal activity involved, no accident, no scary height, no fire, no drowning, nothing really scary at all.

I was totally scared shitless in that dream though.

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    Thats one nasty dream.

    And if you think about it, many if the best scary movies does just that, make the normal feel threatening without really anything to attribute it to, nothing to explain it away with.
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    @Voxera I rarely remember my dreams/nightmares although I often have them. This one I remember. :S
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    @NoMad yeah my subconscious is trying to reach me out :3
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    Remains me of a dream/nightmare i had for a week or 2 ago.

    "So i was in a train heading for the city i work in, so while i was sitting in the train, some random girl behind me, whispered in my ear *she had a grenade in her backpack, and told me by standing at a specific location in the train, i would survival*. So i run to this location to try to survival, but certainly the train starts to expload from everywhere. I remember i saw all the dead bodies from the explosion and the train wrack until i fade away and everything turns black"

    Its pretty fuck up, and the only dream/nightmare i have remembered from waking up the last few months, has been all about realistic way where i end up with being killed. Some of the weirdest shit i have experienced, its really random and have nothing to do about how i feel about myself, which makes it even more weird.
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    @Frederick maybe current news from your country/city caused it.
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    @cursee Welll thats the weird part, its like a pretty safe country, i cant even remember the last things like this happen, like the chance of getting hit by a lightning is close to the die from what i described.
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    @NoMad Yeah, it has been a while since i last watched one. My life is decent, so i would not say boring.
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