In another country, about to attend a wedding.
Hope the food will be good and that I won't be expected to dance 🤔😅
Guys quick, got some good wedding jokes to use as ice breakers when talking to strangers?

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    A thing I enjoy doing in those situations is prettending I'm not supposed to be there, lying on who I am.
    "I saw there was a party"
    "I needed a drink really bad"

    Once they're shook enough (wich is a matter of seconds), you just expose the felony. Then you can tell who you really are and they'll think you're fun !

    #extraverts belike
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    @SirVicco how to prevent people from trusting you in 5 seconds 🤣
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    @endor I don't think so. The trick isn't hurting anyone, and as you erase the lie instantly, some might even trust you more as you didn't tricked them too long. It's really important to show the true you right after so they know it. The jokes afterwards become funnier as they know when you are acting or not. Some might even become partners in crime !
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