I have an excellent opportunity for you! You're experience is exactly what my client is looking for.

Me: (Just got laid off a week's go) Awesome! Send me the details.

Recruiter: here they are
10+ years experience with Java, Spring frameworks...

My thoughts: Hmm I only worked with java for two years 3 years ago. Since it's been full-stack JavaScript. Total of 5 years in industry...

Me: Nah, doesn't look like my type of position... Thanks though

Recruiter: Just go interview and try it out.
<Proceeds to blow up my phone several times a day for a few days>

To Recruiters: Know when to stop. Also, read my LinkedIn profile. Where it says, looking for full-stack JavaScript opportunities.

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    If you find a recruiter that even knows what the term full-stack means...hold on to them, they are the golden unicorn of recruiting
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    Most recruiters think Java and JavaScript is the same thing.
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    They can be a pain but quitte often companies settle for (much) less experience then what they originally where hoping to get.
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    You cant have JavaScript without Java...
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