After two extensive talks with a potential employer (they lasted for hours), I decided to accept the offer, although the salary was ~25% lower than at my previous job. Everything else sounded fantastic and I needed that desperately since at the previous company everything was toxic for years.

These new guys wanted a senior php dev because they had none of them, except only wordpress and drupal people who were not skilled enough to take other types of projects (they called them "custom php"). I liked it and thought I'm gonna shine there and quickly earn a raise because the agency will start earning more by getting projects that they were unable to even bid for.

First day at work and I got assigned to a new Drupal project, although it was supposed to be a simple restful API for a simple iOS app. It could be done in a week or less, with no rushing at all. But it had to be Drupal. And I happened to be around to hear that there is a queue of Drupal projects waiting. After 2 days leaving the office late and having my brain melted by nonsense I was looking at, I quit the job.

No offense to Drupal people, I really do admire you, but I just could not stand it after 8 years "doing custom php". It felt too much like being downgraded. But more than that I was pissed off by the fact that I have been shamelessly lied to and tricked to accept something I clearly said that I dont want.

This happened a year ago. I now earn 2.5x more money than those guys offered and work in a very healthy environment. In the meantime, I heard that the other guys shut their company down.

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    Glad you are in a better place now. I was concerned when you said you took less money and then quit after a couple days. That must have been fun to explain at the next interview. Lol
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    @shittywebdev i was in rush to get a new job because i quit the previous one pretty impulsively - got tired of it really and just wanted it to end asap. but, i didnt save almost any money :)) but it all looked fantastic, and i was sure i can make my way up. however, coming from a crappy place to another crappy place, and for less money, simply was not an option. i'd rather clean the toilets.

    the thing is that, at least in IT, nobody should settle in a place that tears you down mentally, especially staying there for a long time. and about interviews that i had after - i was just honest and said what happened, in a polite way :) a company that would disagree is not a company i would work for, anyway.
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