Mirror, mirror on the wall, why is beauty known for face and not soul?

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    Because a beautiful face is visible to anyone as what it is while a beautiful soul is an euphemism for a loser trying to pass off his weakness as moral virtue.
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    @Fast-Nop U read too much Nietzsche.
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    @SirVicco That doesn't disprove the argument, especially because it holds water in real life much more often than not.
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    I cant fuck your soul
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    @Fast-Nop A beautyfull soul could be the one of a courageous extroverted knight. But yes, we call too often beautyfull the soul of just a shy neutral introvert. Both our arguments don't stand, as we do not agree on the definition of a beautyfull soul.
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    @SirVicco Well from an utilitarian point of view, there's as much point in pushing a knight to do his job even better than to keep the losers from asking too hard questions about where exactly their shares have gone. Handing out illusions for both of them has a fantastic ratio of return vs. invest.
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    You are asking that question to a mirror and not a crystal ball 😑
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    Depends your definition of soul. “Soul” in the Bible includes an entire being not an ephemeral consciousness. “Nephesh” the word translated as soul means neck.

    Stop thinking about your consciousness as somehow disjointed from your body because it isn’t. The whole thing is your soul.
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