I just started my new job as web developer. I have to work on an already existant PHP project, made by a random guy before me.
His code is so horrible it gave me a headache. At 10am (job starts at 9am..)

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    Ha, that's how I felt when I saw the PHP code when I got my job.😅
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    Hehe we all blame the previous dev. That rule n°1 from the developer code. 😀
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    Exactly the same thing happened to me, apparently the guy that interviewed before my was far overqualified, but when he took a look at the code he decided not to take the job
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    and then when you leave, because you made the code worse and can't figure it out, a new guy comes in and has the exact same problem and so on.
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    @DarkMukke the difference is that I love to code properly and add comments so everyone can understand and continue the work :3
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