Indian code. Check out the variable names. What a mess.

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    If you're a female then show us your <ul>

    $cunt = 1; // she has a cunt 😂
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    See below the cunt ++
    She will have more that one
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    @azuredivay lmao. Probably was! The original project manager was quite difficult before I took over haha.
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    I could make a joke about Indians and cowboys, but that might be a little bit racist.
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    Why all the cunts
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    The colour scheme, it would make anyone write cunt.
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    What annoys me most is if{} but foreach: endforeach;

    Can't stand the alternate syntax. Nothing highlights it properly.
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    My life is just cunt++
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    @d4ng3r0u5 just curious, does the joke involve native-American Indians or south-Asian Indians? Because actual India doesn't have cowboys (that I know of)
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    I'm an Indian cunt and I'm offended
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