Well, my country aint very bright at least for me.

So you have few options, i will arrange them from generally percieved as shittiest place to best place.

You are student or whatever and work in small company. Thats where lot of people are stuck. Like me. Pay is... Sigh. When you hear dev can earn more than 1k$/mo its like "yes, yes, gimme, gimme". Forget about beeing just dev. If I left my company it would collapse within week, but bosses greed is insanity. Oh well.

Than you have that middleground that I would love to be in. Freelancing. Here freelancers can live really well if they can find contractors willing to pay for their services. Wuthin this space there is most profit but also that uncertanity. But its my goto.

Than you have miniscule group you **really** want to be in, medium companies writing software, usually b2b. Well, here you get often 2k$+ and bonuses for working your ass off etc, and benefits are minor but there is usually *something*

And than you have corporations. They often pay a lot, lot of benefits, but.... Its corporation, all ypu learned in small companies usually goes through the window, their expectations are high etc.

In my country everything is like everywhere else but pay is much less, especially in small company space, and somewhat smallish in medium company/corpo. Freelancers are least affected.

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    Before tax (brutto) or after (netto)?
    And what city in Poland?

    I'm in Warsaw. Small companies aren't always bad - I landed a job still as an undergrad student, my company is amazing and knows what they're doing. My friends did their student internships at big corporations usually and they have mixed feelings. The corpo part you mentioned is quite accurate.
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    @haze Tychy, here small companies is what I would call "JanuszTech" but here im afraid bearly anyone can understand. It basically means people unaware what the shit they are doing and just putting pieces together to make it somewhat work. I almost gave SAP hybris a go, in Gliwice buuut... They are literal opposite of what i know and learned.

    Shrug it off, carry on, im trying to get into some bigger framework so i can fit into some mid size company but it feels so oakwardy slow and unintuitive, like with framework im spending most of time googling how to XYZ in framework or trying to resolve framework issues (I made myself micro-fw if one can call it proper framework, but if fat free can be one, mine can be to, and within it, my productivity is actually insanely great)
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    Berlin is call'n?
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    @DubbaThony Move. Seriously. Good companies will help with relocation. Of course, if you're good enough...
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