Can you finish the "X" by tomorrow. It is very urgent.

~message received at 8pm~

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    yikes, that is rough
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    Sure just need to use a private jet to fight the time zone while I finish this
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    Just a classical stuff
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    I suggest not answering your work phone outside of work hours. (Same with emails or anything, really)
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    @Jilano do not disturb is king on my phone and I have tasker prompting me if I really want to open the work email app while I'm home.
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    I remember being asked to deploy our analytics platform for a client - that takes 2 days to fully deploy - at 4:45pm on a Thursday because the client wanted to send data the next morning. The kicker? The person who asked me to do it knew about them needing it the week before but thought it was only a 20 minute job.

    That was a fun night.
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    Answer with:
    "Sure, if i get a raise approved urgently by tomorrow"
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    idk i gonna leave my F
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    You know what's up when you're project manager looks at you and asks how long you're still planning to stay
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    Sorry my phone died and I only read it just now
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    I have an email reading window. It's from 10.30 until 11 a.m.

    Then I only check it regularly in certain cases. Doesn't mean I answer right away though. I leave emails pending for up to three days.

    Most of the other communication happens either in real life or via chat. (And once I leave the office, I have no access to neither the chat nor email account.) So tough luck getting me to work after 7pm.
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    "Oh you spent the night finishing this little thing that I said was really important and urgently needed tomorrow? I was exaggerating for no reason, we won't be needing that for atleast a week haha. Don't even ask me why I lied haha"
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    @TheCommoner282 you stand up immediately saying "oh, I was just leaving. Could you please send me by email? I will see it tomorrow, first time in the morning".

    And you finish whatever you were doing at home.
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    @brunofontes I can imagine that conversation clearly:
    Me: was just leaving.
    PM: but you just got a fresh cup of coffee.
    Me, pulling out a transport coffee mug and pouring my cup in: It is for the road.

    Mentally playing the prepared song from Hoodwinked!.
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    @TheCommoner282 that made me laught out loud
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    Every time I've had "this is super urgent!" demands for the next day and I've put in 13 hours getting everything done... the features/changes haven't been used for days, weeks, or ever. Almost without exception, people didn't even care that I finished them.

    Never again.
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    A Manager once advised me : "There's no urgencies. Just assholes trying to work
    at the last minute"

    Sounds better in Spanish: "No hay urgencias, solo pendejos corriendo".
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