- No such thing as specialty, you are either a full stack dev who develops all aspects of a project and deploys it or your a jobless dev. Its asking too much of companies to pay more than one dev for one project regardless of scale. Paying minimum wage for a single dev is more than enough!

- You develop for a company, if by any chance you find someone willing to hire freelancers, your insane if you ask for more than 500 USD on a full fledged e commerce system coz a couple of wordpress companies do it for less !

Basically, dont be a dev in Lebanon.

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    I've seen a lot of lebanon devs escaping into international (NOT local) freelance or remote work, partially because of those reasons, but as I said many times before, sadly making it an everyday job isn't easy for most due to competition (though with proposals now costing couple cents, that deters most newbies and bots at least), establishing a client network that always needs your work, .. but if you do get around to stick to it, it's the best escape out of local market issues.
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