What to you, makes a good boss?

Anyone got any good boss stories?

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    Unique attack patterns and advanced AI

    Im sorry...
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    One who is not behind your ass all the time.
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    My boss is knowledgeable, leaves us alone as long as work is getting done. And last but not least will back developers in his team against disputes with customers and management.
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    One attribute of a good boss: effective shit umbrella.
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    I had two weeks off once, and when I walked back into the office for the first time, I passed my bosses office and his door was open. He was screaming, yelling and cursing on the phone and he called the guy on the other line a moron. This lasted for 20 minutes.

    I turned to my co-worker and said, "well it's good that nothing changed since I've been gone". He does this all the time.
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    Good attitude, asks you to solve an issue instead of shouting at you for it. A person who isn't up your ass checking every minute if the code is done and commited.
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    It's a myth, good and boss are words that do not belong together
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