Job offer ==>
We need full stack developer for Java, c#, python, angular, flutter, ..
Data mining experience
Project and team management experience for 7+ years

Salary is 500$ per month

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    What's the average salary? (Month/annual)
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    Jeez i woudlnt take that job even if it was 1000$. Still not that much salary.

    Maybe at 1300$ it would seem OK for my country and at 2000$ i woulld go for it as thats the salary one could expect as full stack dev.

    So yeah 500$ is just fucked up.
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    500 a month?!

    I know java and python and c# developers are a dime a dozen and recruiting is like shooting fish in a barrel, but 500 a month?? That seems wayyyy too low.

    As an embedded software engineer, we don’t really take less than 8k a month... and that’s on the low end for 5-7 years of experience but software engineers are few and far between now a days and really good ones are even harder to find.
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    That's pretty low even for the Iran where the median SW dev salary is $1600 per month. But that's more than a physician who can expect $1350, or a teacher who has $950. A cashier is around $450.

    A mechanical engineer gets $2200, i.e. more than an SW dev. Dentist would be gold with $3400.
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    @irene yeah but all the damn taxes and shit, and student loans and all that shit in the end you still end up living pay check to paycheck.
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    But all in all sounds like Iran is a really shity place to live with an economy in the shiter, lives up to what the media says.

    Luckily we as Americans have a few options for you available.

    A. Announce you have nukes.. we will send the eagles to assist you with your freedom seeking.

    B. Announce you have found large newly discovered oil wells... we will also send the eagle to help you discover freedom.

    C. Move oil trade to gold standard rather than US Dollar, and we will send the eagles to assist you in your freedom quest.. lol

    Tho it make take few generations to weap of the benefits and “cleanup” but be assured you’ll have freedom when we are done. Heheheheheh
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    Is this IRR or USD?

    I don't get out of bed for $500 USD a week, let alone a month.
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    @C0D4 considering 1 IRR = 0.0000237327 USD means 500IRR is like a penny in USD

    500USD = 21 million IRR
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    @QuanticoCEO I'm just clarifying. Not all $$$ signs are US.
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    ناموسا آبروریزی نکن داداش
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    @irene weren't you a girl ?
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    @irene idk XD
    Maybe I'm wrong
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