Developer environment on Mac > Developer environment on Windows.

Just saying. Unless it’s for game development. Or for shitty server software development AKA Microsoft Server 2003.

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    Exactly, I normally use ubuntu/mint for development but due to certain reasons I tried to install docker on a windows student version today, what an entire clusterfuck this is

    Forget `sudo apt install docker.io`! Here's billions of stuff to install and configure!
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    or just have the best of all worlds, had an OSX kvm too until recent
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    Circlejerks will be circlejerks

    We have VirtualMachines, and high end hardware specs, you're arguments are invalid when I can run any OS I please inside windows.
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    @C0D4 if you choose linux you get to circlejerk with us, with a virtual machine you can't

    Gotcha 😏
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    @C0D4 How about Mac?
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    @growling macs are shit. About as secure as an iPhone. And totally ridiculous. One button mice.
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    @Ubbe spoken like a true Mac hater
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    @StefanH spoken like a windows user 😏

    But yes, the divide is strong in dev communities.

    Linux: cheap skates
    Mac: overpriced assholes
    Windows: alternative haters

    This pretty much sums up the differences of opinions.
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    Don't care what platform, I just want to code
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