Everyone’s a “fullstack” until they have to make a button go all the way to the right

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    I can put that button places, you can only dream off.
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    On hover. 🤣.
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    Full stack generally means front end (UI/UX) and backend.

    Backend is a bit vivid in this context as it can be from writing the code layer, through to server and database admin and deployments through to dev ops and CI/CD or all the above.

    I personally don't consider anyone full stack unless they can solo everything in the entire environment.
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    @torbuntu i don’t believe anyone being a fullstack too!

    Most of the devs that say they are, are backend developers who understands some html/css but when it’s time they have to do web pages themselves they couldn’t. Or they are a little too basic.

    If you have kickass knowledge with everything, then good for you!
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    I've seen job posting for fullstack that also require you to know linux kernel and ML 😂
    PhD in porn cinematography and Swedish massage - advantage!
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    @M1sf3t Yupp. Good luck finding a person who can *really* do all that. Then they complain it is so hard to fill positions, and that the industry lacks experienced developers .
    No, it doesn't lack experienced developers, it lacks the golden, Swarovski-embedded unicorns they are looking for.
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    I'm terrible at devops and don't consider myself qualified in infosec, but I regularly do the rest.
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    Oh hell no. I'm a backender and linuxer, no fullstack dev.
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    @M1sf3t 😊 thanks
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    @chickie ah yeah as a full stack person I hate those "full stack" people. I more focused on backend, but there is numerous times where frontenders come to me for help with more complicated things because I know the little things in CSS most frontenders I know don't. I've made a purely HTML and CSS calculator working with these kind of things. Also skews and transforms are right in my alley

    The fullstackers who can't do these things are making non dual stack people be non believers of possibilities. I get quite a lot of negativity when I say I am fullstack.
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    @Codex404 aww sorry to hear that! Most of the time they are just being boastful with no substance so I ended up believing it is not real.

    Also, must be hard to keep up with both frontend and backend!
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    @chickie it's not that difficult to be honest, backend has way less news than frontend does.
    For frontend I read the Working Draft documents so I know at least vaguely what possibilities are in the future, then I keep up to date with browser change logs and the interesting newly added features I read up on in more detail.

    I'm a C# developer and also read the road maps for the language so I know what to invest time in.

    Its just a matter of knowing what is read worthy before reading it.
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    Margin-left: auto;

    In IE 8 and below, on the container element:
    text-align: right;

    Or you can try

    Or use tables.
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