Does anyone know of any good audio book sites besides audible? Free ones are good too, of course, but I don't mind paying for them.

Likewise for a good player, since books aren't music.

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    A good resource for public domain books, Librivox is where I get them. Their app is alright, but not that great
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    I used scribed
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    What kind of books? I use https://blinkist.com/en/nc/...

    But I have a grandfathered rate that's nowhere near what it costs now.
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    I use audioteka.com and storytel.com
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    Castbox has some books.
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    They have some great audiobooks. They add some basic sound effects and ambiance sounds/music, etc. It makes the whole thing a treat to listen too and improves the experience. There are also multiple voice actors, while some other audio book companies use just one.

    They also have Brandon Sanderson books. :O
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    @billgates I love blinkist. I hear it like all the time!
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    @Wombat did you get in early before they changed their fees? Honestly if they made me pay the full price, i'd cancel immediately.

    But yes it's really good for learning new ideas, different views. Just keeping your mind fresh. But when it costs almost as much as all the streaming TV services, I feel it's a hard sell unless your already in the anti-TV self improvement group....

    I actually don't use audiobooks because I'm deaf and I can read/skim much faster.
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    @billgates I honestly used a coupon and got 50% off 😅
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    @billgates but I also would pay the full price
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    @Wombat not too bad then. It depends though I think where you are in life.

    Nowadays I have too many other things to do and Blinkist is just one of my sources of information. So my reading list is around 100 long now... and slowly growing.

    Back in the days when I first signed up I could devour 5-10 books a day... Nowadays that's more like a weekly/bi-weekly #.
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    Yeah, I definitely am able to read blinks more often. I enjoy listening the audios while driving to work.
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    I don’t know if it’s applicable to you, but if you’re a danish citizen, you can register at ereolen.dk for free. It’s the libraries’ site where you can read and/or listen to books.

    If not, it might be worth to check out if your libraries in your country have anything similar
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