You can find so many tutorials, learning paths for C#, C++, python, angular, jss, java, etc.
But literally none for batch file programming (if that's even what it's called) so little documentation on cmd.exe and writing .bat files :'(

Can someone please please help?
Just point me in the right direction?

inb4 google it

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    Cannot really point to any resources but what are you trying to achieve?
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    @Voxera I'd like to learn how to code purely in notepad and what the limits are of such coding.
    For example using the schtasks yesterday straight from cmd was pretty cool and I'd like to have something more in-depth rather than these are the commands find out what they do and then suddenly i am looking at loops and variables like wtf?

    So in short to create all kinds of programs that are useful for me personally, but don't exist yet.
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    @recyclement a big problem is that most of these “commands” are not batch but rather normal programs usable from the command line and many did not exist at the time batch was “big”.

    And now with powershell there is a nee way using commandlets.

    Thats probably why there are few good tutorials.

    The built in commands in batch is very few, especially compared to bash.

    But search for errorlevel, its a quite rare word mostly used in slightly more advanced batch scripts, together with bat its two words that should give you some more relevant resources or examples.

    And in to of that, either dos or windows commandline + whatever you are trying to achieve, that might list programs that can be used from the command line or batch files.

    Errorlevel together with stdin or out and commandline parameters is the only way to exchange info with external programs.
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    @recyclement I'd say go straight to PowerShell, as ugly as it is. At least you can do more serious stuff than with bat files.
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    You can take programming in notepad to whatever level you like, in the end you don't need a fancy IDE for any language (just like you don't need a car to go from A to B, it's just faster and more convinient...)

    About learning .bat, in the end it's just commandline executed in sequence with if/else an loops. So what I'd do is think about what you want to do, then run the commands manually and there you go.
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    @Wack Hey thanks for your response.
    Ehm I'd just essentially like to learn what windows can do kind of 'secretly'. The usually forgotten things I think are amazing such as iexpress, schtasks, etc.

    The 'obsolete' stuff interests me in Windows specifically.
    And if after that another language can be learned more easily that would be fantastic but not necessary.
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    @recyclement A quick Google search yielded this page:


    Is that what you're looking for?

    Also this as a command reference:

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    did you check hackr.io?
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    If you are looking at nifty things in windows try our the windows scheduler I think it was called
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    What on Earth is jss now????
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    @recyclement Windows' command prompt has never been capable. In early versions of Windows. (3.1 and 95 I think) it was a DOS prompt. Microsoft replaced the shell with limited command prompt that no longer supported DOS commands because "UI is the way of the future." We were all outraged. For example "edit" was a nice text editor but it was removed because now you use notepad. So you are looking for hidden shell features in a command prompt and the command prompt isn't a shell.

    If you want to see limitations of command line in Windows I recommend you look into rubber ducky payloads. The payloads only have access to the keyboard so most use powershell or the command prompt. They can do some impressive things.
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    @irene Wow thanks I'll surely look into that. Thanks a lot!
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    @dmonkey a language from Germany.

    On a more serious note, it's a library to write your css in js. It meshes quite well with component oriented libraries like react or vue.
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    @recyclement if you are looking for possibilities in windows “under the hood” I strongly suggest looking into power shell.

    Its s very powerful command language with more programming features than even bash.

    Like real object support so a commandlet (extensions that a program can use to expose its features to ps) can return a list of objects where you can directly get access to properties instead if stdout and text or csv parsing.

    Batch is best left to nostalgia or if you really need the old dos style commands.
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