Fuck Apple Two-Factor Authentication.

I am a developer with multiple accounts and this two-factor authentication is a fucking joke! I spoke to this idiot on the line who told me that I had to create an administrator on my computer to login to a developer account of mine. I hung up the phone and told her to "Fuck Off"

It's a fucking waste of time. Apple has not had an innovation since Steve Jobs died; each upgrade does nothing new compared with the last one. What's new things are there between 10.14 and 10.8??? Nothing. Except it's a lot fucking slower.

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    Considering the best way to hijack an app is through its dev account.... why would you not want that to be secure?

    oh don't tell me, you're against 2FA in general 😐
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    @C0D4 how is tying a dev account to an admin account on a local machine any safer?
    If anything, the two things should be completely independent. At least, if your dev account gets compromised, there's no associated risk of it compromising your admin account on your local machine.

    It's as if someone forced you to run as root on linux just to let you log in on a third party service.
    And we all know why running as root is a bad idea - so why should this be any different?
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    It's Apple that's normal for them.

    Apple and developer doesn't work.
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    Seriously. I have never tried Mac before this...
    I was trying to setup just XCode on my college Mac and what the fuck was that shit. It was on Sierra and not updated so you can't download Xcode because "No Mojave". Now after updating the mac for a whole fucking day, I am told that your account is not an administrator account. I was like is this machine being serious?
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    @msrivastava574 I had the same welcoming experience when I did the same on a Mac OS VM.
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    @msrivastava574 https://developer.apple.com/downloa... for old xcode versions. No OS updates necessary. My Mac is a great dev machine, dunno why you have so many issues. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @person Are you an old user of apple. Most of your learning curve is on a Mac? New users on Windows don't have to go through so much security shit. But then I understand that Windows and Apple's security are incomparable. Apple is better of course. But why do developers have to go through so much security settings in the beginning. Why can't just have a separate user account where even developers can work on and separate administrator account.
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    @C0D4 traditional login/password combination is perfectly safe as long as you aren't an idiot.
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