Ok so I don't want to leave my company :/

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    Oh, I took it.
    And now I am literally on the same situation
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    What's the problem? In Germany we have a 3 month notice period by law to protect the employees. That's way better than the hire&fire in other countries where you can be unemployed the next day
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    @ddephor No. The notice period bs law is 4 weeks. You can have a longer one if stated in your contract
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    @ThermalCube Yes, you're right, it's just 4 weeks by law, increasing per each few years of being with the company. But the usual contractual notice period is 3 months, I don't know any regular employment with just the 4 weeks.
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    We have a week notice here, usually. Sometimes there's a negotiation, if everyone get along well, but it's pretty informal.
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    > requires 3 month notice to leave
    > Wants to hire next week, not acknowledging that you probably have a notice period to your current employer.

    Nice. This immediately screams "we don't care about you or your situation!"

    Run. Fast.
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