I want to build my lab at home, a useful lab, what can I buy to make a lab that I will use almost everyday please? I already have MacBook pro, an HP elitebook on OPENSUSE, my main gaming computer on Windows, a Raspberry Pi, tons of cables and a bit of money. Can you help me to find?

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    Nice foundation for the lab and before I was going to suggest a Pi. Nice.
    Depends what you want to do. If IOT maybe some sensors. Adafruit.com has some cool stuff. If developing apps you have what you need. Just get the correct software.
    So, what is you goal to create?
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    I just tinker with whatever. For web server for testing I use linode's depends what you want to program like @jumpshot44 says.
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    A switch... 😜
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    @danzig666 very good answer I'd go gig
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