Sat here at my desk, facing a wall after my desk being moved whilst I was working from home, counting down the days until I resign.

5 Years here and was ready to leave almost 2 years ago but let them convince me to stay around. Now stuck with a 3 month notice.

Built the same homepage 5 times in as many weeks due to constant changes and ready to throw in the towel.

I'm here until Christmas, then I am going it alone. Just not sure how I am going to make it to Christmas without walking out

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    Same here I'm also in a 3 month notice period. Because of that they want me to do leftovers of other devs. Because they have to work in rebuilding the product from scratch in new technologies. Here I'm also counting the days and debugging some ninja coders code.
    Really they give me nightmares and I can sleep.
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    @codefreak that sucks! I'm already having nightmares about how much work they are going to load me up with. I'm the only dev here so I fear they are going to pput loads of pressure on to get projects finished before I leave :/
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    I’m just hanging in there until I get my bachelors and then I’m jumping out the fuccin window like ADIOS BITCHEZZZZ ✌️✌️
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